Pilates Body  is more than just a place where you go to exercise. It's a community, a place where you can, through exercise and meaningful connections, improve your life and transform into a happier, healthier, more vibrant YOU.

@ Pilates Body studios ..YOU come as you are !

About our classes + sessions

Smaller class sizes allow us to personalize your Pilates workout goals, provide you with the necessary modifications, and give you the results you deserve. Our studios will provide  various routine workouts that are challenging yet accessible to all, and instructors continuously change up the routines so that you never get bored. Specializing in small athletic-based group Pilates classes, Pilates for injury rehabilitation, and Pilates workouts for the actively aging, located in the heart of Conroe and Montgomery, TX. We are the First and Only fully equipped studio with beautifully made Balanced body equipment in Conroe.



Pilates Body Difference

At Pilates Body of Conroe and Montgomery, we believe a healthy fit lifestyle is for everyone! We have taken traditional Pilates workout principles and applied them to the goals requested by our clients: they want to be the strongest  fittest version of themselves. Our clients want to be challenged in their exercise while remaining pain free (or rehabilitating past injuries). We focus not only on strength and endurance in major muscle groups, but also on those small muscle groups that have a big impact on how your body tones and gains definition. Our Pilates workout program is the perfect accompaniment to your other exercise, but we think you will quickly discover Core is all you need! We are committed to maintaining a safe, knowledgeable and welcoming environment for our clients to practice the Pilates method.