Nutrition Nuts + Bolts and Healthy Eating

Learn the truth about your body and how to fuel it right. These workshops are designed to educate attendees on various aspects of maintaining healthy eating habits and how to integrate this lifestyle into their own. Topics range from learning the basics of nutrition to tackling cravings and eating healthy on the go.


Awesome Nutritional Workshops Starting Soon

It's going to be amazing! Sign up to find out when we start. We also host nutritional workshops on topics such as : Juicing, Maintaining strong bones,Hormones, Food sensitivities and much more! 

Meet Debbie,
Master Nutrition ED. Certified Basi Pilates instructor

Everyone has certain texts textures sensitivities and varieties that influence their diet with all the food choices available today it can be difficult to know what is healthiest for your body. Now is the food you eat today going to full well you energy needs so that you can accomplish the activities that you want to do? Education is a powerful tool that you can use to accomplish these goals. By being in touch with your body, food can become the nutrients your body needs for good health.

Pilates body offers private nutritional coaching to help you reach your nutritional goals private coaching for our clients at $50 an hour if meeting at the Pilates body studios. Normally $75 at an off site location. 

To contact Debbie and schedule a meeting please email her at : debbiez1030@gmail.com

To call Debbie directly, 936.537.4175