Kids just want to have fun and it is possible to show them how to enjoy exercise while improving their health and fitness.In an ideal world, children would not need a structured exercise programme. They run, jump, skip, stretch and bend as part of everyday play. This would be all they need. Unfortunately, our modern sedentary lifestyle is not just affecting adults but has an effect on children too. Almost every age group can benefit from regularly participating in Pilates classes, and that includes children and young adults.Pilates for Children classes bring a child many of the health advantages that adults enjoy. As well as building their body control skills, such as balance, flexibility, stability and stamina, children’s Pilates classes also include promote movement and cardio-vascular work, and a chance to develop social and team-building skills. our kids fitness  class will include the fundamentals of fitness as well as the following components:

  • Agility, Balance, Coordination and Strength training drills
  • Introduction to the basic components of fitness—cardiovascular, endurance and strength
  • Motor skills development and enhancement
  • Sports skills and drills
  • Fitness games

Recommended resources:

  1. Pilates for Children and Adolescents: Manual of Guidelines and Curriculum
  2. The Pilates Path to Health: Body, Mind, and Spirit by Gary Calderone
  3. http://www.pilates.com/BBAPP/V/pilates/library/articles/pilates-for-our-children.html

Fitness ABCS Details

FORMAT:  We will have two groups 7-12 and 13-17, these will be structured group fitness class for both  boys and girls ages.

We will be  controlled Pilates movement with engaging storytelling in a non-competitive environment, children can leave a Pilates for Children class having both used their bodies in different ways, and feeling excited by the adventure they’ve just completed!

 Our First session will be in the summer  of 2018- so keep an eye on the schedule.