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Our Group Reformer classes have diffrent Levels

Group Reformer classes are full  body workout that uses  Pilates reformer routines emphasizing form and proper body alignment.  Using springs as resistance, Reformer classes increase core muscle strength, endurance and increased flexibility and range of motion in the joints. Group Pilates Classes can be an ideal environment to train with other like-minded folks all wanting to experience the benefits of a regular Pilates practice. All  session are 55 minutes.

Reach For Your Core

Pilates Level 1

This class is for EVERYONE, slower paced class with exercises selected to focus on correct Pilates form and alignment. More detailed instruction perfect for clients rehabbing injuries, those still wanting a great workout but prefer essential level exercises.This is the class to start with if you are new to Equipment  Pilates. Don't  worry, you will still feel all of your muscles working, get a great sweat and find and feel  your core! oh, you get have a water break if you like!


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Pilates Level 1 + 2

Building upon the basics, This level introduces more challenging exercises.You will move faster through exercises selected to further challenge the entire body at an intermediate level. Perfect for clients wanting to improve strength,posture and toning. Clients will become more adept at performing the flowing Pilates movements with increased breath capacity, mental control, and utilization of the core. P.S very few water breaks allowed 🙂

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Tusday 9.15

Pilates Level 2 + 3 AKA: BAD A**

These classes move at a faster tempo and assume clients understand the choreography of each exercise at this level. Clients will be challenged with more complicated exercises, and more dynamic, flowing movements. A vigorous opportunity to explore the full sequence of Pilates exercised executed "at tempo". Exhilarating!! No water breaks allowed! you can bring a camelback if you like...LOL

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Coming Soon!

Teaches young people to be posture aware. Strengthens their mind and body through a series of fun flexibility and stability exercises. Strengthen, stabilize and learn early in life to relax and gain breath control. Powerful and dynamic workout, which boosts self-esteem and confidence. Remember, both ballet dancers and footballers do pilates. If its easy, it’s not Pilates!



*NEW* Pilates 4 Lunch


" I will have a half a salad +  soup and a side of Pilates" say what?!

Return back to work refreshed after this all core +full body and be energized for the rest of your work day.  Starting September Tuesday 11th and only offered in Conroe on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is a combo of mat + Spring board. Healthy snacks with be provided. If you need to freshen up, we have a full stocked shower ready for you.

Re-charge ...Refuel...Return...


Mat Pilates

This is the foundation of all Pilates work on the equipment. Mat Pilates exercises introduces focusing on the principals of Pilates like concentration, control, stability, precision, flow, and breathe.  This class will make you work hard yet efficiently. We think you will find that a consistent Pilates mat practice will carry over into your life outside the studio! Your posture will improve and you will gain strength and increase your flexibility. We keep our classes small which means better instruction for you and less chance of injury. Mat classes are a great way to add an extra workout to your week at a very affordable price. Highly recommended for new-comers, it will kick your butt!

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Private Session

The most effective way to focus on your own unique needs. This is a 55 minute 1-on-1 intensive session with one of our highly trained instructors. This in-depth session uses various Pilates equipment including the Cadillac, Studio reformer with tower, Combo Chair, Pilates Arch, Core Align, Spring Board (anything and everything in the studio) to restore the body to its natural alignment while toning and adding strength and length to the muscles. Maximize your time working on strength, injuries, or chronic issues. Increase your understanding of the various Pilates concepts and movements, while teaching you how to apply them to your body and your other activities.

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Duet Session

Enjoy the benefits of Private Pilates Training but with the motivation that comes from training with an exercise partner, at a reduced rate! Duet Pilates (2-person training) is so much fun and a great way to stay committed to a regular workout schedule. Duets work best when you and your partner can commit to the same schedule every week and have similar physical abilities/goals. Please note, we do not pair up.

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*COMING SOON* Jump! Its Friday

Offered only Conroe every Friday @ noon starting September 21st

Cardio + Core + Plyometrics + Pilates Jumpboard = Core challenging, heart pumping and a lot of fun!

The Pilates Jump Board allows students to skip, jump, hop, and leap all while on their backs or on their sides. It's a unique way to get the abs firing, heart pumping, and musculoskeletal system moving with the ease. Students who dare the Jump Board workout must already have core strength and solid Pilates technique before this unique kind of "jump training," or plyometrics. This class is for non rehabbing or anyone with mobilty restrictions.

*New* Pilates 4 Strong + Healthy Bones

Offered in Montgomery every Friday @ 10:30

Joe Pilates believed in functional health, the ability to live life with pleasure. He taught that the coordination of body mind and spirit would give us greater command of our bodies, allowing us to move with precision and efficiency and making daily tasks easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, the Pilates exercise repertoire focuses on body awareness, alignment, precision and breathing all of which can be applied to bone healthy exercise. Using the Pilates philosophy and modified exercises we can:

*Decrease the risk of spine fracture by improving posture and alignment.
*Strengthen the upper back to reduce the risk of fracture.
*Improve body awareness to avoid movements that increase fracture risk.
*Increasing bone density when body parts move against the force of gravity.
*Increasing strength and muscle mass, which in turn help to support the bones.
*Improving balance, which can help prevent falls that might result in a bone fracture.
*Improving range of motion and posture, which can help keep the bones in alignment and prevent painful pinched nerves and muscle spasms in the back.

Not sure where to begin? May we suggest 3 Private sessions. Still have questions?We will be more than happy to answer any questions

Bottom line: we have something for everyone!

We highly recommend trying each instructor and finding the ones that you feel most comfortable with. We want you to LOVE the experience and we’re confident you will!