David |Boston

I visit this studio when I come to my parents in Conroe, this is an upscale fitness facility with professional quality equipment and trainers that enable peak performance. As a professional athlete you get exposed to the best trainers and athletic equipment. Pilates of Conroe  not only meets that expectation level, but has raised the bar with its ambiance, staff, and elite level equipment for the people here in Conroe.”


Therese | Lake Conroe

"This small studio is exactly what I was looking for and provides a warm and comfortable environment.   Overall, I feel much stronger and more flexible since I began about 10 months ago.  Esther is great at explaining modifications when needed and is always enthusiastic.  Every session is well planned and completely different while providing a total body workout forcing me to push myself harder.  Thanks Esther for keeping the sessions challenging, rewarding and yes, fun!"


Terry |Montgomery ( Walden)

“This is a studio where you can feel right at home immediately. It’s aesthetically pleasing, very well kept and the extra touches –  fresh fruit, clean towels, lockers, great music, on going events ; are ways that the studio really goes the extra mile in a way that’s unusual for other gyms I’ve been to.While class costs have prevented me from coming regularly and sometimes my work schedules don’t work out for me as a nurse , I will definitely aim to come here when I can – location is also very convenient for me.”

Charlie - Montgomery

I am really enjoying doing Pilates with Esther. She is very professional and knows what she is doing. I am a 68-year-old man and wanted to do some exercising but I have arthritis in my right ankle, so it had to be low impact or no impact. This has been awesome I can see a change in my body, and feel much better. Thank you all for an awesome job.


Debbie |Cleveland

I'm addicted to Pilates Body of Conroe.  While the classes are incredibly challenging,  Esther constantly motivates me to go further and do things I didn't think I was able to do.   Pilates has improved my flexibility, my energy level, and core strength.   Thanks Esther for your patience and for helping me out with my breathing😉 I look forward to our work outs



Connie| Conroe

Esther makes Pilates fun but don't be fooled- if you take a class with her, you're going to feel it!  There are always new moves and props to challenge each student regardless of their level.  The studio is clean and well equipped.  I highly recommend Pilates of Conroe for beginners to advanced Pilates enthusiasts!




Diane | Conroe

I have been taking Pilates at Pilates Body of Conroe for about 3 and 1/2 years. I feel great and get a good work out while having a good time. I would highly recommend Pilates body studios. The studios have great atmosphere and are clean. If you are looking for a new work out I suggest you try Pilates Body of Conroe + Montgomery.


Courtney - Lake Conroe

AWESOME PLACE!! Great atmosphere and great people!  Esther is an awesome instructor...always keeping class fun, yet challenging.  Something different every time you go to keep you working hard and in shape.  For anyone who is up for a challenge or just wants to try it out, I definitely recommend Pilates Body of Conroe!!

Barbara | Montgomery 

started Pilates with Esther after back surgery, wanting to strengthen my core and improve my overall health and well being.  Starting with twice weekly private sessions, I gradually became strong enough and flexible enough to join a class.  Now two sizes smaller and 20 pounds lighter, I can keep up with my Pilates classmates as well as my grandchildren.  Esther made this all possible through her individual attention, challenging workouts and a good sense of humor.


Andra | Spring

I have been involved in high level exercise programs over the last 30 years which resulted in several surgeries due to "over use".  I was told to start Pilates to build my core strength for a while now.  Got in touch with Esther and am so glad I did.  Her training has proven very beneficial for my overall strength and flexibility.  Highly recommend her studio for those looking for all over strength, flexibility and toning.